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needle_opAn update on my son’s operation which went well and he’s slowly recovering after a 4 hour stint in surgery and is still heavily dosed with pain killers. We’re hoping that he’s back home tomorrow.

I am still in awe at the skill, dedication and hardwork of all the staff at Crumlin Hospital who have effectively changed my son’s life in the period he was with them.

If you’re not too squeamish, click HERE for details on his condition Pectus Excavatum

What stood out for me was a brief conversation I had with the Consultant Surgeon who undertook his operation; who incidentally was very approachable (unlike what you hear about ‘god-like’ consultants) and took time to explain every step both before an after the operation (I’ll paraphrase it a bit):

“Your son was an ideal candidate for the operation, he was highly motivated for it to happen and this gives the best outcome post operation.

With less motivated patients they tend to be more critical of the end results; I am only human doing my best to get the best results but I am not a miracle worker”

Truly humble & humbling.

Now swap the words patient for client & operation for project and you can see the architecture connection when you read what Australian Glenn Murcutt says of his clients:

“My clients have to work hard. In the course of regular, informal meetings they have to specify their habits and way of life, then work out their brief with the architect, even if that means adjusting their initial aspirations, so that everyone agrees on the basic aims of the scheme.” – highly motivated clients.

Incidentally, anyone undecided about undertaking this operation for Pectus Excavatum – I would highly recommend getting it done – my son’s life has changed for the better within 4 hours; the chest was completely flat immediately!

ps Thanks to everyone for their kind words and best wishes

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