My blog post disclaimer is getting longer…

I’m getting stacks of questions via comments on the website regarding my current (and previous) posts on planning.

In today’s litigious society it’s important that I make it clear that every situation needs to be taken on it’s own merit and that there are legal requirements and repercussions if you do not adhere to Planning and Building Control requirements:

So here it is, the current disclaimer:


All advice online is remote from the situation and cannot be relied upon as a defence or support – in and of itself – should legal action be taken. Competent legal and building professionals should be asked to advise in Real Life with rights to inspect and issue reports on the matters at hand.

It is an offence to carry out any work that requires planning permission and the offence can carry very heavy fines and imprisonment. You can find out whether your work requires planning permission via a Section 5 Declaration to the Local Authority

It is an offence for a person to carry out either works or a Material Change of Use to which the Building Regulations apply without notifying the Building Control Authority via a Commencement Notice. The notice must be given to the authority not more than 28 days and not less than 14 days before the commencement of works or the change of use. Once validated by the building control authority, works must commence on site within the 28 day period.

ps. I have a different one for the drawings

2 thoughts on “My blog post disclaimer is getting longer…

  1. “Once validated by the building control authority, works must commence on site within the 28 day period.”

    this is incorrect.

    The CN form has a specific line for

    “………commencing on the date of ____”

    The commencement date is a SPECIFIED date, NOT a period.

    (obviously allowing for a bit of irishness if it happens to be raining that day – nod/wink)

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