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How the world has changed from traditional marketing methods to the online, social world that we see nowadays.

I remember being asked from an old boss whether I played golf; on my negative response he asked how was I going to get any work if I became self employed and didn’t get clients from the golf club. Well, 20 years later I’m still in self employment ( successfully running Mark Stephens Architects )and I haven’t swung a single golf club in my life (crazy golf not withstanding).

Those that know me from my previous lives (I ran the most successful Vectorworks consultancy & photographic virtual tor companies in the UK and Ireland), know that I embrace technology and as you can see from the previous post I now use the same technology to design, model and draw architectural projects with all my local planning applcations made online.

I’ve been using Twitter as part of my online prescence over the last three years and it became apparent that I have accumulated a lot of knowledge concerning the use of online social media incorporating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & Flickr; I was a finalist in the be2camp Awards in ‘The Best Use of Twitter Category

and I’m also currently in the tCnTop100 ‘Top Tweeters’ in the UK Built Environment.

It was only a small step to think that I could help other businesses in achieving their social media goals and to that effect I set up which specialises in one to one and group training in all the forms of social media discussed above and the effective implementation of WordPress and blogging in your web/internet strategy.

Therefore if you would like to fine out how can help you get more awareness and sales in your business then please CONTACT US…

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