What is #Mayo4Sam ? A guide for my non Irish followers…


The faithful will have spotted over the last day or so a new sign going up locally giving support from the Practice to the Mayo GAA team. I know my blog is followed from around the world but what is this support for and why is it so important? So here’s a quick guide to what #Mayo4Sam is all about:

• The Sam Maguire Cup, often referred to as Sam or The Sam (Irish: Corn Sam Mhic Uidhir), is the name of the cup that is awarded to winners of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, the premier “knockout” competition in the game of Gaelic football played in Ireland.

• This years championship takes place THIS SUNDAY September 18 2016 at Croke Park, Dublin between County Mayo and County Dublin

• County Mayo last one the cup in 1951 and have reached the final subsequently on seven occasions.

• There is allegedly a curse upon the team winning again which is detailed in a list of well-known ‘world-wide’ sporting curses listed on Wikipedia HERE

• But who would believe in such a curse? This is Mayos year – watch this space!


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