Last nights exploits-I won! Special thanks to Rory at #FridayFun

This is what happened yesterday evening & shows what a decent bloke Rory is at

It’s taken me 50 years to actually win something!

This evenings Charlestown time trial had the prize of €50 to the person who beat their personal best by the most.

Now I take things seriously and I’m competitive – how could I resist!

So, after borrowing my mate Rory’s bike (who incidentally does brilliant kitchens & fitted furniture:, and his skin suit, and his aero helmet, then drinking nearly a litre of beetroot juice before the event, shaving my legs, warming up on the turbo beside the car at the start – I managed to beat my PB by the biggest amount (27:42 down to 26:31). And I came home with the €50

Me in the hallway on Rory's bike prior to event

Me in the hallway on Rory’s bike prior to event

Strava stats below (I had to upload manually as there was no pocket for iPhone):

ps I was still a long way off the winning time (I was 9th) who did it in 23:20

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