Initial consultations/designs now available in sterling & dollars for UK & US clients & also #Brexit

A good percentage of our work is with emigrants from the UK and the US returning to Ireland, either with renovating/extending older properties or entire new houses.

With Brexit looming large on the horizon together with Trump; I can only envisage that these returning emigrants will only increase.

So with that in mind we’ve added the option to our web site to automatically convert ‘on-the-fly’ our SHOP currency options from Euro to Sterling and Dollars:

The initial consultations that can be booked and paid for online have been a great success and you can find out more about what they entail by clicking HERE

We also provide a Sketch Design Package for simple extensions that gets a project of this type off the ground; you can find out more abut this HERE too.

These services are particularly suitable for the restoration, renovation and extension of Irish tradition cottages and farm houses.

So, if you’re from the UK/US thinking about building in Ireland then why not either CONTACT US… or avail of one of the online services described above.

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