I work when you sleep: #Vectorworks #outsource #elves #cloud #US #Ireland

Over the last few months I’ve been working on some interesting projects in the US. What’s interesting is that I haven’t left my home in rural County Mayo. All the files have been exchanged online dynamically in the cloud, we’ve been collaborating over the drawings using real-time project management software and we’ve also been video-conferencing discussing the finer points of each project and design.


But what’s the most interesting is that the company in the US is able to use my company to produce the drawings that they require while America is sleeping.

It’s a little bit like the shoemaker going to sleep and then waking up in the morning to find his shoes magically repaired by the elves.

Currently we are providing this service using the software that I know best: VectorWorks and the drawings are of an architectural nature. But it’s not just me that can produce drawings in this way, I have other elves that can be called upon. These elves also know other software such as Revit, AutoCAD and can help you in other areas such as structural engineering.

So, if you think we can help you in this way; whether it’s 2D draughting / drafting, 3D modelling, rendering or photorealistic images/animations why not CONTACT ME…

Even if you’re a bit closer to home such as the UK, we can still help you.

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