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In the previous post I mentioned one of the differences of working in the UK to Ireland ( post on profile poles ); I also mentioned the use of septic tanks in rural Ireland (I had never even seen a septic tank in the UK, let alone specified one). But the most important difference (and one that is currently most relevant) is the difference in Building Control. I have written copiously on the subject and I’m not going to rehash it all again; suffice to say that drawings are vigorously checked prior to construction and visits are then undertaken by the Building Control Officer (or registered inspector) during the build.

I dug out a few old drawings I did when I was in the UK and the minutae of amendments that were required by B.C were incredible, and this ‘second set of eyes’, especially eyes whose training is specifically in the Building Regulations, serves to give an essential second check on the drawings and construction.

Now, I do my upmost to ensure that my designs are compliant with the Building Regulations but I’m not infallible, I’m only human and the checking/approval of the Building Control Department will check any items that I might have missed. For those who have only worked in Ireland, I can assure you that the level of checking is quite stringent in the UK and I would guarantee that there would be some item on your drawings that would require further detail/information from B.C. In fact I would go as far to say that (in my opinion) there isn’t a house in Ireland that is FULLY compliant with every aspect of the Building Regulations. This bold statement is even for the well designed and detailed houses done in the most professional manner, not the work done with crap drawings or even no drawings at all!.

So, my premise (and poll) is quite simple:

Poll: Ireland needs to implement an effective Building Control similar to the UK system with immediate effect:

Comments as always welcome…

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  1. Absolutely Mark! Great point. As a company we dedicate a lot of time to site support and this is an issue that comes up time and time again. To move on to truly low energy sustainable building, quality control on site is key.

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