Happy New Year, all the best for 2016 & let's get to know each other

Mark Stephens Architects hopes you all had a great Christmas, Happy New Year and all the best for 2016.

There are many faithful readers amongst you; and I thank you for reading, commenting and being a vital part of the success of this web site.

I thought I’d start the year with a ‘Getting to know me & you’ post; some of the faithful readers will already know some of the information below but I expect there will be a few surprises too:

• I am a UK born and trained Registered & Chartered Architect with ARB and RIBA. I am not Irish although I am an Irish Architect! (registered with the RIAI since 2006). My family was originally from the Channel Islands (traced back to the 1700’s) and my father ( David Bernard Lewis Stephens (RIP) ) was evacuated to Cornwall from Guernsey prior to WWII breaking out. This is why you might see Kernow (Cornwall) based tweets popping up every now and then.

• I qualified as an architect in 1990 and promptly decided to do a heap of other stuff for nearly 15 years before resuming my career as an architect in Ireland. Some of this ‘other stuff’ included:

– CAD sales & consultancy
– Cycling software distribution
– Website & multimedia development
– Photographic virtual reality (I was one of the pioneers of Apple’s QTVR technology in the UK & Ireland from 1995 onwards. I even pitched in 2003 to a mapping company the concept of having photographic virtual tours on every street! Who would have guessed what Google would have done four years later ! (here’s the actual PITCH)

What’s interesting is that this ‘other’ work has helped in all aspects of the current business; from web development, marketing and business.

• My architectural career resumed when we moved as a family to Ireland in 2003 and we designed & self-built our own house which was completed in 2006. Up until this time although I had experience of all stages this was the first project I’d overseen from the very beginning to the very end. The house is still cited as being a great example that adheres to the Mayo Rural House Design Guidelines

Our house - exterior

Our house – exterior

• I now run my architectural practice (along with student assistants) from a new office in Swinford, County Mayo. My work covers a big chunk of Ireland and I also work alongside other architectural practices in the UK and overseas on their projects (using the CAD & BIM software Vectorworks)

• Our work is predominantly residential; ranging from unique extensions, houses, refurbishments, restorations & renovations although we are equally skilled in undertaking commercial and educational projects where we can provide the full range of architectural services including design, planning, construction information, Designer & Assigned Certifier services (under SI No.9 of 2014) for offices, commercial premises and schools for example. Our work combines the well-designed with the practical where our projects are light filled, airy and economic to run – as European Certified Passive House (Passivhaus) Designers & Consultants we can integrate the highest levels of insulation, airtightness and air quality in your existing or proposed home.

So that’s enough about me; I want to hear from you. If you’re looking for an architect in 2016 then please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also connect with me socially at this link too – I’d love to hear from you…

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year, all the best for 2016 & let's get to know each other

  1. Hi Mark, Nice blog- started reading it when the BRegs thingy started. I like the way you document your projects by showing them as an on-going process. I am in the profession but I would imagine that a ‘lay’ person might find this informative to.

    All the best
    Co. Meath rural based practitioner

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