Different Pre-Planning Policies across the country? #Planning

Preplanning Differences across the State

I’ve written previously HERE about the benefits of a pre-planning consultation prior to getting too deeply involved; and that advice still holds. But I was contacted via a colleague who has had less than satisfactory responses regarding his local Councils’ pre-planning policies.

No names, no pack-drill; let’s just say that the Councils discussed were more in the East of the country; gerenerally the complaints made were that:

• Pre-planning applications are not taken seriously – it’s a full application or nothing
• If you do get a pre-planning meeting you won’t get to discuss proposals face-to-face – it’s via email or nothing
• Pre-planning is not advised and this comes from the top, down
• Pre-planning is not undertaken by planners as “they’re not getting paid for it”

A complete difference to the situation on the otherside of the country with the great policies on pre-planning adopted by the Councils I work with, namely:

• Mayo
• Galway
• Sligo
• Roscommon
• Clare

What is the situation where you are?

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