Decisions on 2 planning appeals in. Not good.

Earlier this year I posted that we had 3 planning appeals going in; in fact it turned out to be 2. As one person commented “like buses you wait ages and then 2 come along at once.”


Well the decisions by An Bord Pleanála have been made and the decisions (as far as myself & clients were concerned isn’t good – both refused.

Conclusions on this appeal process is:

1. An Bord Pleanála went along with recommendations by County Council in refusing both applications. I have severe doubts on their impartialness.

2. Going to appeal shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s the last, last step of action. When you get to this stage and it’s a refusal it’s the end of the road (unless other readers have different experiences/opinions?). In both of these cases this was the case, we could go no further in the planning process unless we appealed.

3. Some sites are just never going to get planning. As in these examples this decision was made by the County Council and then backed up by An Bord Pleanála. You can read why this is and what your further options are HERE

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