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As well as being registered architects and Passivhaus Designers; I forget sometimes forget (how could I) that we’re also Design Certifier and Assigned Certifiers under S.I. No. 9 of 2014.

And as much as I hate SI9 and all it’s ramifications, and as much as I have opposed the change in the Building Regulations both before, during and after it’s implementation; unfortunately I have to work with it in the meantime.

I was interested therefore to see a new website and app that gives assistance to Assigned Certifiers in ensuring that works are compliant with the Building Regulations (BCR Comply at : )

BCR Screen Grab

Screen grab showing Inspections tab from BCR Comply

You can read more about how the software works at the website on the FEATURES PAGE HERE and you can see one of the test ‘Site Inspection reports’ we produced HERE

We are keen to implement new software and technologies within our Practice and as well as making life easier for us, it gives a better service to our clients and keeps our work current, up to date and fulfills our CPD obligations. You can read more about Continuing Practice Development (CPD) HERE

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