Creative Ways to Divide Open Space House Plans

Creative Ways to Divide Open Space House Plans

Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

We’re constantly asked to create open plan spaces that are divided into cosier spaces but without losing that open plan feel.. This guest post by Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel of Modernize outlines creative ways to divide open plan spaces…



Open space floor plans have become incredibly popular over the last decade, and it’s easy to see why. They’re perfect for entertaining or quality family time, they encourage a clutter-free home, and they allow for endless possibilities in furniture layout. Still, without a bit of planning, it can feel overwhelming to know how to create well-defined areas within the expanse of your open concept home. Don’t let this blank slate overwhelm you! With these helpful tips from Home Improvement Leads you can create order within your home’s expanses.

Define With Rugs

One of the easiest ways to create designated zones is with the use of rugs. Not only do they anchor the space itself, but they also provide a starting point for determining furniture placement. For a more cohesive look, keep colors and patterns in each area in the same family. If you’d rather go bold, choose complementary colors at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Switch Up the Color Scheme

Our minds instinctively group similar items together. Use this to your advantage and assign each space a distinct color scheme. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be monochromatic, though. A colorful accent wall or painting, or even some decorative pillows can be enough to tie that space together. You’ll want to choose complementary colors for each zone since you won’t have the benefit of walls and structural dividers to clearly designate rooms.



Change the Materials

You can accomplish the same idea of distinctive zones by changing flooring and wall materials from room to room, as well. Transitioning from hardwood to tile clearly defines your kitchen from the rest of your living room without ever having to include any other elements. Although wood paneling still makes some of us cringe, it doesn’t have to, especially when you use real wood with beautiful grains and colors. Don’t forget to think up, too! Carry the wood up onto your ceiling for a more dramatic statement.


Chandeliers and Artistic Lighting

We all know how big of an impact bad lighting has on a space. That’s why you want to make wise lighting decisions throughout your rooms, regardless of the type you choose. But for those areas you especially want to highlight, like your dining room table or kitchen island, simply add in a chandelier, artistic lighting piece, or dropped pendant light to naturally define that area without taking away any square footage.

Open Storage Shelves and Screens

When you need a bit of privacy for a bedroom, but still want the airiness you get from an open concept floorplan, use open-sided bookshelves or ornamental screens. They’ll effectively partition the room from the rest of the house, while making an artistic statement, too. However, if you are lacking in storage, opt for the shelving and intersperse baskets for all your knickknacks that you don’t want on display.

By applying one or more of these tips, your open space home will be welcoming and cozy in no time!





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