Continuation of last post; architects fees at Practical Completion

This follows on from the last post/poll about Architects fees at Practical Completion and I got to thinking about my sons teeth…

Well, my son has had braces for the last 18 months to straighten out his teeth. His last visit is in 3 weeks time where the braces will be removed and a removable retainer will be fitted.

We are expected to pay for the entirety of these orthodontic services when the braces are removed. Not at the regular inspections post this removal or in 6 months time when the retainer is to be removed.

See where I’m going with this… When the braces are effectively removed you can skip off without theoretically needing the experts services; by the same analogy when the Practical Completion certificate is done the client and contractor can effectively skip off without paying for the architects final payment.

Therefore I ask again, have a think about it and cast a vote on what you think a realistic percentage of the architect’s fee at Practical Completion, personally I can only see one answer and I think you know what I think it is…(but I don’t want to influence you).

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