Busman’s Holiday #BlogDiary Day 4 – Chicago, Farnsworth & Mies @chiarchitecture 

So the trip continues…

After a great boat trip with the Chicago Architecture Foundation I guess today is focused a little on the master Mies Van Der Rohe:

One of the buildings on the boat tour is 330 North Wabash (formerly IBM Plaza also known as IBM Building and now renamed AMA Plaza) – a skyscraper in downtown Chicago designed by Mies (but not seen completed by the architect who died before construction began):

And then onto one of Mies most famous designs for Edith Farnsworth (Farnsworth House) in Plano, Illinois (about 50 miles from Chicago).

I am frequently asked by clients to include lots of glass, make it open plan and free-flowing – but would you go this far? A masterpiece in radical residential design in the International Style:

Both tours are highly recommended.

Heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow for the last 2 sites on the tour to see Fallingwater & Kentucky Knob by Frank Lloyd Wright…

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