Architect AND Client as Gymnast

Continuing the ‘Architect as…’ theme (here’s a more recent post on ‘Architect as Accountant’ as an example), this short post is Architect AND Client as Gymnast.

Now I’m not intending that the architect and client form a gymnastics team and do some rhythmic moves together; What I am talking about is flexibility – mental flexibility during the course of a design and construction project.

As I’ve said many times, getting something built ‘aint easy and there will be challenges en-route in EVERY construction project – even the most humblest of projects.

What is required therefore, and I’ve been careful to include both the Architect and Client is flexibility during this process. Below are a few examples:

Flexibility at the design sketch stage to ensure you get the right design for the project and for you. You can READ HERE how the design can go disastrously wrong when this flexibility falters and the design is compromised.

Flexibility at the Planning Stage. Now a lot of people think that planners deliberately want to put obstacles in your way. This is in fact false, all they are doing is their job, seeing how your scheme fits in with the area/county development plan for example and whether it’s a suitable development for the site. Give them a bit of slack and let’s all be a little more flexible in considering what the best design is for you and your site. I’ve posted previously about the benefits over taking your time over a design; considering all the alternatives and in my opinion the end design is frequently better when planning problems are addressed and answered with an alternative design.

Flexibility at construction stage; as I’ve said above the course of a build can often be problematic; construction details need to be resolved, weather can cause delays, generally building is a difficult process. And it is at this stage that the greatest flexibility is required. It’s the architects job to work out these details, handle the delays, figure out the sums – nobody said it would be easy but just as in childbirth, all the pain is quickly forgotten when the build is finished and you’re enjoying the end result.

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