A short post on Protected Structures…

This came up today and I thought the answers I gave to client would make useful short blog post:

What is a Protected Structure?

You may be more familiar with the UK term of ‘Listed Building’, in Ireland the similar term is ‘Protected Structure’. The following page from the Citizens Information Board explains what a Protected Structure is and what your responsibilities are as an owner.

What Differences are their with the Planning Application for a Protected Structure vs the standard?

The planning application for any works is slightly different to the standard;

* The site & newspaper notice has a different wording

* Additional drawings, photographs and other information are required to show how the development will affect the character of the structure.

Councils generally look for the above information from a registered Architect accredited in conservation, I have undertaken and passed such accreditation and am qualified (and happy) to undertake such projects. CLICK HERE for details, background & experience on me passing the RIAI Conservation course

Can you get a Grant for Works to Protected Structures?

Yes, they are handled by each Local Authority.

The purpose of the grant is to safeguard buildings which are at serious risk but not yet in a ruinous state. The grant is not for routine maintenance works, alterations or improvements but the council takes each application on a case by case basis.

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