6/3 month Further Information time extension #Planning

Quick post on the 3 month time extension on a Council Further Information request.

After you’ve applied for planning permission and the Council has validated the file, it has 8 weeks to respond, with either:

1. PASS (good)

2. REFUSE (bad)


• REQUEST FOR 6 MONTH TIME TO MAKE DECISION (generally not good as decision has been made and you’ll have to work hard to overturn)

We’re going to look at 3. REQUEST FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. The Council in this case is requesting Further Information in order to make their decision. You have 6 months to send this information to the Council.

When the Council receives it they then have a maximum of a month to give their decision.

This 6 month period can be extended by a further 3 months. It is discretionary and most Councils will give it. So the thrust of this post is that if you think the 6 months is going to run out or it is running out; don’t delay and extend by a further 3 months.

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