5 Things I knew nothing about until I moved to Ireland…

Since we moved to Ireland in 2003 there are some things I realise that I knew nothing about until I moved here. Some of these are architectural. Some of them are not. Here they are:

1. Septic tanks

All the work I did in the UK had mains sewerage. When I first moved here I knew nothing of septic tanks, proprietary effluent treatment units, percolation areas and polishing filters.

Now I can confidently add them to a drawing (after a specialist gives me the data) and even look confidently into a hole to see how the water drains!

2. Land Registry Maps

I guess it’s to do with the self-build nature on family land but I knew nothing about how to prepare a Land Registry Map prior to moving to Ireland. Now I prepare all the maps in the office when a parcel of land is transferred for example from Mother & Father to Son and Daughter-in-law.

3. Newspaper Site Notices

I never had to do these in the UK. Every single planning application has to include a newspaper notice stating a whole heap of stuff about the application. The application itself then has to be submitted within 2 weeks of this notice. A similar notice than has to be placed at the site. Annoyingly this notice is slightly different to that submitted for the newspaper. And just as annoyingly, if the site isn’t on a main road then multiple notices will need to be placed.

3. The Weather

I had no great interest in the weather prior to Ireland. Now it seems to dictate the day; especially when you’re a cyclist looking for the good bike on a Sunday.

4. The wake and funeral

Nothing is as important as the Irish wake and funeral. There are strict rules to adhere to on whether you go to the house, the Funeral Home, the Mass or the graveside.

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