3D Print your design with us

One of the benefits of a 3D CAD/BIM model is that you are able to ‘3D print’ a copy in a variety of different materials.

All of our clients receive 3D drawings and animations of their proposed design as part of our normal design service and we frequently also use foamboard models as part of the design process. Foamboard models tend to get cut up a lot and restuck in different configurations and aren’t ideal for a ‘finished’ presentation. Below is a 3D flyover of one such design for an extension to a traditional Irish cottage:

But we are now offering the ability to have your 3D model converted into a high quality ‘3D Print’, below are two photographs of the same 3D Model ‘printed’ onto white plastic:



We can print the objects in a variety of colours in plastic or resin:


Or a variety of different metals as shown below and also including Alumide (a mix of plastic and aluminium); these would make a perfect ornament of your house to place on the mantelpiece or as a paper weight.


The cost of the 3D Print depends upon the size, as an example, the house shown above at 1:100 scale would be: €142 + shipping, rising to approximately €400 for a mirror polished brass (65mm x 65mm approx)

We can also create 3D prints of your CAD files even if we’re not your architects, either way – please CONTACT US… for a quotation

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