3 new houses for 2015 : Are you looking for an architect in West Ireland? #Upturn?

Maybe (maybe) finally the economy is on the turn and it’s great news that the Government is looking into amending the Building Regulations (again) to allow self-builders to construct their own homes – which is incidentally a large percentage of my client base. Click HERE for details from Minister Alan Kelly on the proposed Building Regulation changes to allow self-building.

It’s always a good sign when you finish a year knowing that you have projects for the following year; we’ve just been given the go ahead on three new one-off, West of Ireland houses and two large extensions to be constructed in 2015. This is hopefully unlike 2007 where we finished the year with a stack of projects on the books and within the next January nearly every single one was cancelled.

So, if you’re looking for an architect in Counties:


Then please CONTACT ME…

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