Two of our houses on RTE’ Tracks and Trails

I wrote THIS POST in regarding the ‘conversation’ our own house has with our neighbours (both designed by yours truly).

Well it was lovely to catch sneaky glances on them during RTE’s recent programme ‘Tracks and Trails’; I’ve grabbed a very tiny part of the show below which shows the houses in the background:

Here’s another clip; you can see the roof of our house in distance – this clip shows how great the area is:

You can read more about the two houses below (images open small pdf ‘Tear-sheet’ on each:

Tear Sheet 1

Tear Sheet for the project that kicked it all off; our underground, heavily glazed, grass roof, new house in Foxford, County Mayo.


House of Peacefulness – for more information visit

Mary also has a cottage around the corner that’s listed on Airbnb HERE; it’s a lovely spot; we’re so lucky to live here and welcome visitors to the area.

nb: Video clips copyright RTÉ Tracks and Trails 2016

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