12 years working in Ireland, not a single Appeal and now I have 3 in same month

There’s definitely something afoot with planning at the moment.

I’ve been working over 12 years in Ireland and have had a good track record with planning but this month it looks like we’ve got a third planning refusal and we’re going to another Appeal via An Bord Pleanála.

I’m therefore going to concentrate on the next set of posts on the Planning Appeal process. A couple of comments before we kick off:

1. I’ve written about this before and all 3 refusals have the same common denominator – it’s the site itself that’s the problem – not the design. Councils are getting incredibly tough on EPA percolation testing for septic tanks/treatment systems, And as I’ve said before (in THIS POST) – It’s not the design that will scupper your planning application!

2. Take with a pinch of salt any architects/designers assertions that they have a 100% track record with planning. It may be true but either: a. They’ve been lucky or b. They haven’t been hit yet

I’ll keep you updated with the appeal process as we go; what the appeal entailed and what the conclusions are when they arrive (they take a minimum of 18 weeks) so they’re not for the impatient.

7 thoughts on “12 years working in Ireland, not a single Appeal and now I have 3 in same month

  1. Hi Mark,
    I’m in the Dublin and since the last 6 months since January I received the most frustrating, inconsistent, unfair and blatant time-delaying decisions and further information requests of my 15 years of doing this.
    Is it the water they are drinking in out Local Authority offices and ABP do you think?
    It’s been maddening.
    I have enormous sympathy for clients who engage with the system and discover how the regulatory net is getting tighter and tighter – which is arguably fair enough. But the pursuing and investigation of illegal development of all kinds is still non-existent for those who don’t engage.
    If I had a penny for every time I had to tell someone ‘yes I know he did that there BUT…’ – well I wouldn’t be moaning with you here anyway.
    Good luck with your appeals.

    1. Hi David

      Yup, there’s definitely something up!

      My recommendation is going to be that if you don’t have to participate in the planning process then leave well alone


      ps We just got planning permission for some work to our new office – incredible set of ridiculous conditions

  2. Hi Mark, I always got my Perc. tests done first and when they didn’t pass or were very borderline find a different site. It may also be the person within the council who signs of on the tests has changed or had additional training and has their own little issues that need addressing.

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