I am a brilliant architect. I am a crap architect. Which is it?

I am a brilliant architect. I am a crap architect. Which is it?

On Friday I received two emails:

Email 1: “We love, love the design of our house. You are gifted at what you do”

Email 2: “We don’t like any of the designs”

So which is it? Am I brilliant or am I crap?

The answer is neither; I’m OK. In much the same way the actor is advised not to read the reviews; the architect shouldn’t pay too much heed of how great or how rubbish he/she is.

It reminds me of a story a chiropodist/friend told me one in that he is also told how great he is (when things go well) and how rubbish he is when the in-growing toe-nail refuses to heal. Some clients will love what I do, some will dislike it. The trick is to have a good look at the PROJECTS section of web site and see if there is anything there that you like. There’s a lot. If you can’t find anything there that you like then we’re in trouble and probably the best bet is to look for an architect elsewhere 😉

Next post on what is expected from client & architect…

What this space for forthcoming book on business for architects…

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