Our underground / grass roof house on RTE’ About The House

Finally I have got round to ripping the DVD and uploading the clip of me and our house on RTE’s ‘About The House’ from 2007; actually I bribed my 15 year old with €10 to get the job done (so thanks Conor).

So here it is, broadcast in November as Programme 8 in 2007 of Irelands premier property series presented by Architect Duncan Stewart, it’s me and Angie taking a guided walk around our own unique, underground house in County Mayo, Ireland.

The archived RTE web site from the programme can be viewed HERE and the main About The House site index can be seen HERE

Fascinating to see this clip again as it’s been at the bottom of the DVD pile for a while; what’s particularly interesting is remembering the rush at getting things moderately ready for the TV crew when the house wasn’t even finished – my 2nd son looks so young, there’s sections of skirting missing and the mess at the back ! There’s a lot that I’d do differently and I’ve learnt a lot in the years since the programme aired. Still, it got done and I hope that you enjoy it…

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  1. Cool, well explained and a bit of a dream housel. And I found your blog type thing about the lack of insulation in home built in recent years amoungst other thing interesting and I will use (and reference some of the material!!) in a thesis I am currently preparing, An Investigation of Galway’s Ghost Estates.

    All the best,

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