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This post is part of the ArchiTalks series where a group of us (architects who also blog) all post on the same day and promote each other’s blogs. The Topic ‘Leader’ for this post ‘Words’ is Jeremiah Russell:

I would never have imagined as a young man how important words would be to be now; I managed to scrape through English (Language) at O’level (16 years old) and even failed English Literature! And now incredibly I run this blog as part of my business; the principle being to show potential clients my work and share ideas and opinions. And since I have been running my blog I’ve ranted, shared and loved; it’s been an incredible experience and certainly one of the most important things I’ve undertaken on both a professional and personal level.

My first blog started in 2006 when we were building our own house – miraculously it’s still available HERE and the blog has been in the format that you see now (with WordPress) since 2010. That’s over 12 years of solid blogging!

But the title of this post is Words and I found a WordPress plug-in that calculates every word that I’ve ever written for this blog and the answer is an amazing 274,536 ! I thought it sounded a lot until I checked that ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy is a staggering 587,287 so I’m nearly half way there!

This is a short post for this Architalks as currently away and I’ll add links to how the other Architalking bloggers have interpreted this theme on my return (a scheduled post).

Oh wait a minute – I’ve just written this post which has pushed the total word count now up to: 274,797

Below are how the other ‘Architalkers’ interpreted this theme:

Jeff Echols – Architect Of The Internet (@Jeff_Echols)
Does anyone hear your words?

Lora Teagarden – L² Design, LLC (@L2DesignLLC)
Visual Words

Eric T. Faulkner – Rock Talk (@wishingrockhome)
Words are Simple — Too Simple

Michele Grace Hottel – Michele Grace Hottel, Architect (@mghottel)

Meghana Joshi – IRA Consultants, LLC (@MeghanaIRA)
Architalks 40: Words

Brian Paletz – The Emerging Architect (@bpaletz)
A pictures worth

Drew Paul Bell – Drew Paul Bell (@DrewPaulBell)
Mindset for Endless Motivation and Discipline #Architalks

Jeffrey Pelletier – Board & Vellum (@boardandvellum)
Use Your Words (Even When You Can’t)

Jim Mehaffey – Yeoman Architect (@jamesmehaffey)
Words Are Important

Leah Alissa Bayer – The Stoytelling LAB (@leahalissa)
Architects Are Storytellers

Anne Lebo – The Treehouse (@anneaganlebo)
Storytelling for Architects

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