Why an architect is coolest job in world, Part 2: Exceptional Clients

I’ve discussed what makes for a perfect job in the previous post at ‘Being an architect is coolest job in world – this is why…’ and if you look back at the jobs you deem most successful there is one common factor that links them – The Exceptional Client.

The client that is looking for quality work, to explore different ideas and concepts and to foster an environment for the architect to do his/her very best. I’m not talking about someone that just goes along with whatever the architect says, but instead someone who has their own ideas and to have the time to work with the architect to explore what is the best solution for their (and their house/sites) particular requirements.

A curved extension to restored cottage

A curved extension to restored cottage; new & old, form follows function, mass and form – it’s all here

So yes, the client has to put a bit of effort in this process, Glenn Murcutt (the award winning Australian architect) describes it well:

“my clients have to work hard…In the course of regular, informal meetings they have to specify their habits and way of life, then work out their brief with the architect, even if that means adjusting their initial aspirations”

So again, I thank the past, present any any future clients for being exceptional.

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