The Americans are like us, but they are different: #2 Metric vs Imperial, #Vectorworks handles both

This follows on from the post about Mud Rooms and Utility Rooms and the differences between UK/Ireland and the US

Really I should have done this post first, the biggest difference between me working on UK drawings and those from the US is switching between Imperial and Metric units.

Now I’m of an age to have been taught in feet and inches, worked on drawings in feet and inches and (and incredibly still now) producing drawings for estate agents in feet and inches with areas in square feet.

I’m happy switching between the two and luckily the software I use (Vectorworks) allows me to switch effortlessly between the two; I can even work in one unit and then create another (For other Vectorworks Tips like this download the Kindle e-book ‘Vectorworks: 101 Tips & Tricks’):

So, if you would like me to help you with your drawings (whether you are a potential client or another designer (using Vectorworks) in either imperial or metric measurements, then why not CONTACT ME…

6 thoughts on “The Americans are like us, but they are different: #2 Metric vs Imperial, #Vectorworks handles both

  1. Having to switch back to Imperial units when I moved back to the US after working in London for a few years was very painful. I admire your willingness to work in both, fractions don’t belong in drawings!

  2. Here in the US they have officially abandoned the metric system on the ARE Graphic Sections. I remember being in school and hearing “the US will be 100% metric by time you graduate/take the exams”. So all our projects were in metric. I haven’t used metric since. 😛
    Vectorworks does make it easy though, which is nice.

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