@RIAIOnline Transition year (TY) programme

The faithful readers of this blog will know that I am a keen ’employer’ of Transition Year (TY) students; simply search TY or Transition year in this web site and you’ll see the great work that they’ve been doing.

So it’s great that I read the RIAI have launched a specific transition year programme.

You can download the Programme for the remainder of this year & 2018 HERE (opens in new window)

What you can see in this programme is the aim of giving the students a real understanding and appreciation on the work of an architect – something that we’ve been doing with TY students since Day 1.

What it requires therefore is a student that would be interested in doing such work for his/her TY experience. To that aim – if you are a TY student wishing to participate in this programme for Mark Stephens Architects please use the form below to contact me and in the ‘Message’ field give a short CV together with a little detail on why you would like to undertake the programme at Mark Stephens Architects.

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