A clarification about my RIAI Council Election Candidature:

I thought I’d post a clarification concerning my candidature on the RIAI election:

Originally the intention was for me to be entered as a candidate for the Western Region but due to an administration error, I’m now on the general listing. No problem, these things happen. What this means is that wherever you are in country you can now vote for me in the election. The problems facing the West of Ireland are the same facing all rural communities and my goal would be to give you all a voice.

I’ve built up great friendships and connections with dozens of fellow RIAI architects across Ireland through my blog, Twitter and Facebook and I’m calling upon you know now in supporting me in the RIAI election.

So the name to check the box on is STEPHENS MARK. So please show your support by retweeting, liking and voting for me in the election.

Thanks in advance


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